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Lifted Aftercare

Lifted Aftercare® Tape

Lifted Aftercare® Tape

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The official tape of medical professionals and cosmetic injectors.

53g / 1 Roll


Restock May 5/2023


We believe aftercare is just as important as the treatment. Our products aim to give result-driven satisfaction and care to our clients, and their patients.


We offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Tap here for more information.


1. Use on dry face

2. Measure the length of the area of compression and cut the tape 1/2 or 3/4 of the total length

3. Starting from one end of the compressed area, firly place the tape and apply pressura down to the end of the desired compressed area

4. For nose support: start on one side of the bridge, leave a gap using your finger in the middle, tape the other side of the bridge and push the gap together

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  • Sets Filler & Prevents Migration

    Our tape is proven to reduce filler migration for patients or individuals looking for sustainable and professional injection results. Use our tape after injections and overnight. Our tape is different. Proven to reduce migration of dermal filler in lips and other areas of the face.

  • Post-Surgical Transitions

    Our tape can be used on patients that have undergone facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty or facelift. Taping post-rhinoplasty is crucial to avoid cartlidge build-up, decrease nasial swelling and secure any implants. Our tape is comfortable, easy to remove, and is safe on all skin types and acne-prone patients.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    Our tape promotes lymphartic drainage for patients and clients looking to reduce access water-weight in the face, neck or chest. Taping the neck and chest is important to encourage the downward flow of lymph. The pressure of the tape encourages drainage when worn overnight or during the day for prologned hours.